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Battleslain: Goblins

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Battleslain: Goblins is a game created and developed by Playheim.

Description[edit | edit source]

The world of men has fallen to the swarm of the Goblin Hive. 

On the brink of extinction the Gods of old sends a hero to aid Midgaard. YOU - once slain in battle, now entrusted to wield the power of runes must defend the humans. 

“Return to Midgaard. Shield the humans from this filth. Crush the Hive”

- Odinn The Wise

Features[edit | edit source]

▶ Enter Veteran Brawls to obtain quality loot

  • Mini bosses increase in power every time they are killed
  • Use clever strategies and abilities to defeat them
  • Guaranteed rare item on kill
  • High chance of epics
  • Earn diamonds

▶ Talent Master

  • Level up to unlock talents
  • Choose the talent that suits your playstyle
  • Make strategies to overcome certain enemies

▶ Ascension

  • Ascend to grow permanently more powerful
  • Upgrade talents using points from ascension

▶ Quest

  • Grind quests for gold, loot and flasks (buffs) to aid your journey
  • Get lucky and recover rare, epic and legendary quests

▶ Merchant

  • Buy potions and poisons

▶ Offline gold

  • Your camp will defend and earn you gold - even when you’re not playing

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